Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Pizza Diarist!

And Canada!

Continuing in the "How do I know these people?" category, Pizza Diarist decided to have a sushi rolling party for his birthday. I had a sub.

People prepared food on the sanitary floor.


... were killed.

People also start downing sake.

Music was "enjoyed".

Things were gross. To me anyway. But I have issues.

After two and a half hours of not wandering into the kitchen to see what was happening, a pile of sushi arrived! Somehow made by participants of the dinner, except me.

I will spare you the photos of Pizza Diarist's mouth stuffed full of sushi.


So, I only have photos of the presents I gave him, because that's just the way I am I guess.

And I gave him mono!

Which someone lovingly kissed all night.

I also baked him a cake, based on his beloved Polaroid Land Camera, Model 250. See both:

Then we used said camera to take a picture of him with the camera cake! Here's the negative:

After sushi we killed the cake.

Someone was hilariously drunk and tired but still needed cake:

Mono again!

We then all had a craving for PORK CHOP SANDWICHES!!!!

Eventually, tired and mostly drunk, we stumbled our way home. I assume. That's where I ended up anyway.

So happy birthday Pizza Diarist.

p.s. for a faboo Polaroid photo of me and Mono, head to Pizza Corner Polaroid Project! There are also other photos to enjoy, in case you hate me and/or Mono.

Why you be hatin' on Mono?

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