Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Rizzo!

It's Rizzo's birthday! He's one year old! Here's what he did on his big day:

Went to Cuba!

Had a dip in his jacuzzi!


Jazzed out with his new jukebox!

Had a rippin' bubble bath!


He got a letter from Webkinz world wishing him a happy birthday and giving him a piece of cake!


Hmm.. Seems like there's something else important about September 28. My brother's birthday!

This was part of his gift. But I can't compete with him finding his lost kitty after a sad and lengthy 17 days after she was cat-napped (for reals people!) Happy Birthday Heron! And welcome back Shaolin!



P.S. I have figured out how to centre stuff, but in most cases, I just don't care enough to do it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Recent Events

Up first: 50 Mile Yard Sale!

If you can believe it, I actually did not buy this. I wanted too, but I wanted the dollar more.


We stopped for lunch at Reid's, but I don't know what town we were in. These were the best home fries ever! The grilled cheese samich was too crunchy.

The day was winding down and this, somehow, was still not purchased.

Here were my main scores: Dolly Parton album: $2.50


I went through a huge Pokemon phase in September of 1999, while being unemployed and living in a very small bachelor apartment, sleeping on an air mattress with a teeny television at the end of it, and living off of jumbo chocolate chip muffins and Rockets. This is a Pokemon keychain. Some of these things are damn cute. This one is named Chancey! 10 cents!

A plate to commemorate the birth of Prince William: Priceless (i.e. 25 cents).


This was only attended because I had free tickets for it. It was okay. Better than I expected, but probably only because I expected it to be terrible.

The Tragically Hip!

This concert rocked! I wasn't as close as I would have liked to have been but the closer tickets were rondo expensive. I could still see Gord Downie wiggling his butt from where I was, so all was fine.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A.K.A. Camping Part Two

The day begins with the take down of various party supplies. Cue theme from "Chariots of Fire":

Brekkie! (Photo by either S or M when they got up to hi-jinx with my camera. They're lucky I didn't post that picture of someone's butt!).

  After fud, we head over to the park.




After wading, shoes were washed in this waterfall.


I did not remove my shoes for wading, or for cleaning, hence, the mess.

We then snacked it up in the park.

Amusing signs were discovered. Love Prod?


So this is where Tupperware is hiding itself! New Minas!


We also got our snack on at this pub. All I wanted was a club sammich, but they made it with turkey, which I can't eat. So I got nachos, and they skimped on the cheese. Rip.

We stopped for gelato at some place in Fox Hill and ate it by this pond.


On the way home we saw alpacas!


P.S. I have started using a new dealie for posting, and hopefully it will work better. However, I have yet to figure out how to centre text and it seems to force a small title upon me, as opposed to giant titles, which I prefer. Seems like centering text would be simple, but not with this.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Camping Birthday Party!
First off: Decoration our campsite at Blomidon Provincial Park

Bubble Hippo was foaming at the mouth to help us have a good time. Which worked.

Webkinz birthday gift with birthday cake! Will recipient S get as addicted to Webkinz as I am? Only time will tell!

Cards were played.

Resident camper bloo hung out.

Fires were made.

We had a pack of that chemical junk that turns your fire different colours. Whee!

Sparklers were busted out!

It is hard to spell your name with sparklers.

And to draw Radiohead bears.

and spell B-DAY!

Happy B-Day S!