Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Magic Gif!!!

Yeah! One of my friends understands computers! And obviously wanted a break from work!

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The fastness makes you curious about that bear that keeps popping up. He will be in another post!

Some people have had trouble seeing the above gif, so click here to see it work properly. Do it!

Now, the past few days:


First, I'm gonna kick things off with a reader submitted band-aid! Sent in by the above reader. Weeks ago. And I totally forgot about it until today. So many band-aids, so little time to post. So, this large band-aid was found in Montreal, where they do everything big! Or so I've heard.

The rest are good ol' fashioned Haligonian band-aids. On far less interesting sidewalks.

I call this one Pinchy:

I could have really used one of these when I cut my hand!!!!

Which occurred while I cheaply cut my own hair. So, I paid in blood. Better than $60.

Also, I went to the doctor's office this week. This should sum it up:

Do you like my hat? Would you like some syrup?

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