Sunday, July 30, 2006


Okay, I know I'm not really the blogger person that posts pictures from the interweb. Usually they are craptastic computer drawings or photos of events in my "life". But I'm posting these because I haven't updated in awhile, and I know that for the three of you that check on a daily basis, having blogs not updated for days is extremely frustrating (hint to Pizza Diarist!). I will soon be in the process of taking a photographic journey of making Nick W. some shortbread cookies for his birthday, so stay tuned for that! But in the meantime, here are some photos of Keith Partridge (or as he insists on calling himself, David Cassidy), because I'm in love with Keith Partridge (as evidenced by the photo on my fridge, which originated on my bedroom door in 1996 and has been a constant presence in my life ever since. Something to do with his smile and the way he pronounces words like "you" and "do".). And last night after forcing a friend to look at all these pictures she said "He was hot! I have never seen his a-spicey side." So, enjoy Keith Partridge's a-spicey side. And remember, cookies soon!


Zencat said...

In Thailand he'd be a girly-boy, lucky for him he's not in Thailand, or is he?

Blandy Snorhal said...

I don't think he's in Thailand, although I'm sure he doesn't have to be in Thailand to be considered a girly-boy. As one person pointed out "That's the gayest pose ever." But is that person on the cover of "Rolling Stone"? No!