Monday, July 17, 2006


Phone Update!

After failing to send my ransom text message I waited a day for someone to call the phone so I could answer it and tell them I had it. But no one called. Eventually I figured out how to call "ditsier" but he didn't answer. Then I found "beam - cell" and called him.


"Uh, is this beam?"


"I found a phone with your name in the numbers list."

"Awesome! That's my girlfriend phone! She always loses it!"

Then plans were made and handsome young beam dropped by to retrieve the phone and I was finally free of it. Hurrah!

Considering how old the phone seemed, sheik probably trying to lose it on purpose.

Update: Spell check messed with my blog post! I did not choose to change any of these words! Beam? Ditsier? Sheik? Nice spell check! Ditsier = "Dad-car", Beam = "Ben", and Sheik = "she's". What kind of spell check doesn't recognize "she's"??!

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