Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I've Been Busy

Running all over town in new shoes!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ghost Bowling

I know I promised Dream Catalogue scans, and they are coming. I've just been busy bowling.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I've Got The Vapours!

I have stumbled upon a glorious item: an Eaton's spring and summer catalogue from 1975. Stay tuned for more wonderful scans of a dream world.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Don't let his cuteness fool you. This guy can be a jerk. Like last night when my mom and I had to go out in the drizzly fog with flashlights looking for him, expecting to find him dead, because he decided to risk being killed and eaten by a coyote just so he could stay out an hour after dark and play in mud. He knows damn well he has to come home before dark! Jerk!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Recent Events


While I did not win bingo on Monday, I did see this hilarious Rolaids machine nestled in between a jellybean machine and a peanut machine. And while granted, this actually makes total sense, especially considering it's located in a Royal Canadian Legion, I still think this is one of the funniest things ever.

The Lawnmower Broke

Hence, the sea of dandelions in the backyard. Which I think adds some nice colour!

Spring Clean Up

(i.e. Large Item Garbage Collection)

It didn't seem like this event could be exciting, what with the plethora of old chesterfields strewn about. But then the guy across the street put out approximately 23 old barbecue stands!

I say approximately because it was hard to tell them all apart in the pictures, some being upside down and all. How does one acquire 23 barbecue stands? Where are the barbecues? Why didn't he get rid of some of these during the last spring garbage pick up? Did he obtain all these in one year? Amazing! Wait, can barbecues be used in meth labs? Ka-boom!

Value Village

Among cute purses and hippo related items, I also scored these two records that I'm totally jazzed about. I'm going to bust out that Max Bygraves on my 1970s record player while I make ice cream in my new machine!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bus Ride on the 5608


Why does that asstard kid have to cough-sneeze every freakin' 30 seconds and why isn't her jerkwad mom using this opportunity to explain to the tool kid that cough-sneezing requires that you cover your mouth and if I get a cold and/or flu from that buttmunch I will be hunting down her fathead mother and knocking in her goddamn teeth!

Clearly, it was an enjoyable ride. Here's the starting point:

VIA Rail station parking lot, Halifax, 10 a.m.

So having barely slept the night before after seeing the disappointing "Art School Confidential", I was hoping to get some sleep on the bus. Alas, this was not to happen. So I decided to take pictures at the bus stops where I had the energy to drag out my camera.

Somewhere around the Truro point, of which I did not drag out my camera, some tools got on with apparently the purpose of driving everyone, or me anyway, mad. First, that fucktard that was mentioned in the alternate title to this post. Why this kid had to cough-sneeze every 30 to 60 seconds was beyond me, but it certainly prevented any kind of sleep, as she was directly behind me and even with my music on blast in my ears, I could hear that fucking cough-sneeze constantly. Why wasn't her mother doing the whole "Honey, when you have to cough-sneeze you should cover your mouth, because otherwise your disgusting child germs will spread all over the bus and make everyone sick and hate you more than they already do"? Because she was an asshole, I'm assuming. This went on for a few hours. Then I was finally able to switch my seat, albeit to one with much less leg room, which I was willing to sacrifice to not get the black plague from this kid. And then they got off the bus anyway and I lost my original seat. And I unfortunately had to see these goons leave the bus and ended up hating this kid and parent/guardian even more. I say guardian, because it then became apparent that her "mother" may not have been her mother, as she was only 16. Then again, given she can't teach a kid to cover her disgusting mouth, she probably couldn't find the local abortion clinic either. And I say disgusting mouth, because that's when I had to see that the whole lower portion of this kid's mouth was covered in some sort of chocolate-looking sticky-seeming liquid, which she was cough-sneezing all over the place. I hate those people.

On top of that there was another family scattered in seats all around me and sharing food all over these seats. When you have three kids, at least, with you, and you have to buy bus tickets for all of them and yourself, it's time to consider that renting a car is actually cheaper. And people opening and rummaging through chip bags is the loudest thing ever when you are trying to sleep. When did people stop ignoring the rules of being in public? Mainly, shut the hell up! Being in public is bad enough, but being in a contained public that you can't escape is even worse.

Anyway, I believe this is New Glasgow:

This is my pillow:

It did not get much use.


This is where people got off to eat food while I stayed on the bus and it parked.

And I read.

So far I am not enjoying it any more than the movie because Holly Golightly is still a tool. Go figure.

Canso Causeway!

Port Hawkesbury Bus Stop:

St. Peters Bus Stop:

Sydney Bus Stop: End of the Line

5:00 p.m. So after seven hours on the bus I depart and greet my mom and dad and we drive for another 40 minutes or so to get home.

Mother's Day is celebrated with presents, food, and Dolly Parton music.

Then my dad gives me a Mother's Day present, which I annually celebrate by renewing my vow to never have children.

Best Present Ever!!!

I see an ice cream party in the not too distant future!!!!

And remember that cat I mentioned? Here he is:

Thursday, May 11, 2006


That's him in the cowboy hat. So my digital camera does not hold up well at dimly lit concerts, and these pics were only scored when I craftily snuck down closer to the stage than the seat I had paid for. By craftily, I mean I just walked down there and took a seat and no one bothered me about it.

I also took a bunch of pictures with my trusty 35mm camera, so hopefully when I get that roll developed I will have at least one good shot to remember the evening by. Willie! He rocked the joint like a hoedown! Old ladies were rocking out in their seats! Toes were a'tappin! It was grand! Except for the over-priced t-shirts, which I did not purchase, having just rediscovered e-bay. Willie!

Unfortunately, he did not sing "The Last Thing I Needed The First Thing This Morning", but I will forgive him. Although, I will not forgive Halifax and/or the Halifax Metro Centre for not ever mentioning that Willie Nelson was coming to town, which resulted in me not finding out about it until three days after tickets went on sale and therefore having a lamewad seat. Pff.

I will be heading to my parent's place on Sunday, so brace yourself for some posts of extreme cat close ups. And possibly bingo related posts. Since bingo and cats are the main excitement in Port Morien.