Monday, September 25, 2006

Museum of Natural History


Showcase of Animals: Dead and Alive

My reason for leaving the apartment yesterday was to check out the Butterfly House, since it was the last day of the season, and the first day I had been made aware of it. How was it? Lame!

The butterflies were cool but it being the last day, there was only a couple even left in there. Hardly the millions that had been advertised. Or made up by me. And they're clearly the worse for wear:

The employee sitting in the little greenhouse said to the kids and their parents "I don't really care because it's the last day, but you're not really supposed to touch them." Uh, it wasn't the last day for the BUTTERFLIES jerk! So they had mostly died off, probably from kid's touching them.

Cat face!:

Then a butterfly landed on a kid and his mother said, without a hint of hilarity (that was provided by my stifled laughter), "Did he come on you? Just like that? He just came on you?" Which I took as my cue to explore the rest of the museum away from adults who's sense of humours have been destroyed with the placenta.

As I walked into the main section I noticed a fun game:

Museum's have not lost their sense of humour. Big Cat Scat? I think Joe Jackson played with them for awhile.

For some reason, I always think Puffins are extinct and can't seem to see them as a real thing. Despite seeing some stuffed and mounted to prove their existence.

This raccoon looks so busted! Probably because when I killed him for the museum he was being busted going through my garbage.

You may not think so, but turtles are fast! Example: No flash:


They're at least fast in the water when they think you're standing there to feed them. And also when they've been taken out on the museum floor to eat some lettuce. Their body doesn't move fast but that head will rip your fingers off! Hence the blurry image.


And finally...


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Part III



He was out and about most of the time, hence less pictures.


Indoor cat + me home alone = lots of pictures.

Mmm... headphones.

A portrait of the subject seconds before the sound of a Polaroid camera made him fly 10 feet into the air and hate me for the rest of the day.

Bonus! Meko as a kitten!

Photos taking during last years trip to Newfoundland.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Part III

Miscellaneous Stuff Rocks!

Haunted Hike Ruled!


Was caused by this:

"You're terrible Muriel."


Finally, a bathroom I can relate to.