Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Uh... thanks?

My super-skilled, put my crap sketches to shame, animator friend came to town on Sunday. We went to a Chinese restaurant where I sat while he ate. Seems every time he visits, he forgets about my "Seven Eating Habits of Highly Ineffective People" lifestyle. Therefore, he was re-amazed to find out I wouldn't eat anything at the restaurant, despite me pre-warning him. Although, I did eat the fortune cookie. Apparently I'm soon to be honoured by someone I respect. In bed. So while sitting there, after being offered some of his shredded slimy green foodstuffs and me declaring "I can't eat things that look or feel like that" he said "You remind me of Margot Tenenbaum."

(Margot Tenenbaum-O-Lantern, Halloween 2004)

I am in love with Richie Tenenbaum, so I guess it sort of makes sense. Later that night, while hanging at my place and watching "Office Space", he started to flip through my sketch book at all my lame ass sketches of my lame ass life. While laughing at what constituted as my last "relationship" he said "You're so Harvey Pekar".

Oh, how he flatters a girl! I'm choosing to look at these comments as "You're touched, but I find you oddly appealing" vs. "You're an eccentric dullard ex-genius with disgusting tendencies that no one could ever love."

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