Friday, December 21, 2007

Heart Shaped Scab

Those of you who know me might argue that I've had a heart shaped scab for quite some time now, but this one is not located in the cavity of my chest, but on my ring finger! Hilarious!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home For The Holidays

So, as the title suggests, I'm home for the holidays. More specifically, at my parent's home. Here's what's been happening so far:

There are a boat load of birds in the backyard, because my parents put out bird feed a lot.

We went grocery shopping. This was not purchased.

My mom and I went to bingo. I won 25 buckaroos! Whoo!

Next up: Shopping for my dad, making a gingerbread house, making shortbread cookies, thinking about Judah Friedlander for a bit, followed by laughing my ass off, probably followed by a nap.

Also! Remember that donkey from a few posts back? I believe this is his website with commercial. He's anti-drunk driving. Unlike drunk drivers. Although, I think when I saw him, he was only doing pick up shots.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mr. Chomps!

So Webkinz kind of scams you because when you get a toy and activate the account it only lasts for one year. So you have to buy another toy to keep all your fun times going. But, I have a super awesome discount card for Lawton's so Mr. Chomps was pretty cheap. And here he is!


This is his exclusive King of the Jungle throne. Here's his jungle:

Right now he's Christmasing it up.

But he's also Hanukkahing it up:

All of which is just for fun, because he's an Atheist. And my backyard has turned into a winter wonderland again. There are two seasons in Webkinz: summer and winter.

And what of Rizzo, you may ask? What is he up to? Being dressed as a bee.

Aw, they're the best of friends:

This makes the likelihood of my becoming a crazy cat lady seem really not all that bad.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winston Churchoop

For some reason a group of people decided to hula hoop in front of the library. This is the best Churchy has looked in a while. Usually it's like "Hey, why are you looking so mad and leaning forward like that?" and "Did you know there's bird shit on your head?" I think this brings a level of dignity to Mr. Churchill that may have been missing before.

Friday, December 07, 2007


I got to work yesterday, looked out the window and saw this:

And here I thought my co-worker would be the only ass I would see all day. Hee-haw!