Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008


New Webkinz! Essentially my mom decided to buy me the mini version of the Webkinz hippo for Christmas, because he's adorable, and because she's awesome. So, I've added him to my pile of adopted on-line animals.


Clearly, I have not been getting out much lately.

Here he is in his new room!

Which took on a pirate theme.

Here he is hanging out in the crow's nest, wearing a Viking helmet.

Sometimes he wears boxes on his feet. He's the Howard Hughes of the group.

Based on this blog, I'm starting to think maybe I'm becoming the Howard Hughes of my group too.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ever wonder how frozen yogurt gets into the frozen yogurt machine? Wonder no more! Some kid stands on the counter and stabs at the bag about 15 times with a giant knife.

Based on the giant nozzle that was provided on the frozen yogurt bag, I'm pretty sure this is not the correct or sanitary way to go about this.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Giftmas Prezzles!

So here's some stuff I got for Christmas, in no particular order, because I'm pretty sleepy and order right now is a tall order. Order.

This Care Bear (Wish Bear!) was not actually a Christmas gift, but my mom found it at a sale and it was one I needed for my original ten collection so now it's mine.

And my dad gave me this 25th anniversary bear that came with a fabulous DVD of the original Care Bear's episode/movie dealie, which I fully remembered and I ate some pizza while watching it and it made Giftmas extra awesome.


For those times when your party outfit is just not complete without a bumblebeebat ring.

I got some other Halloween related things, including the below napkins (I love fancy napkins). My mom suggested I use them at my next Halloween party. They will not survive past my birthday extravaganza in February.

This was a gift to me from me.

Fortune Kitty!

Best bag ever.


Newfoundland! In ornament form!


Yeah Giftmas prezzles! Giving and Getting! And now it's all over and I'm back to work with inbred jackholes. Hurrah! At least there are some awesome material things attempting to improve my life, and succeeding in a very small way.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Related Things!

So, I've been a slacker over the holidays about posting stuff. So here are some random holiday photos.

The above candy was used to make this gingerbread house. My mom made the big gingerbread people, with much difficulty, thanks to super thick icing.

That bottom crow was not feeling the holiday spirit.

I won T.V. bingo! It was a $100 prize but someone else horned in on it so I only got $50. Still awesome!

A pheasant dining in the backyard.

An old school handmade tree skirt my mom has passed on to me.

Seagulls! My parents feed seagulls on a daily basis and they swarm the backyard whenever they see one of them walk out on the patio with the "green seagull bowl". Here you can see some a bad landing and a seagull scrap.

Christmas tree!

My friend made this little Santa ornament for me. It's out of focus, but the tree was down by the time I realized this.

My mom is making me these series of ornaments.

New Year's Eve (sans the photos of people)!

Next up: Gifts!