Sunday, July 09, 2006

Magic Tree!

A few weeks ago I gave a friend of mine a Magic Garden as a bridal shower present (remember Mono? These are just the types of gifts I give). It was exciting and definitely magic (by "magic", I mean "science") so I got a Magic Tree to use at work one day last week.

These are the necessary parts: cardboard with dye in it and "magic" water.

You assemble the tree and add the water and watch is gradually grow over 6 hours. I'm pretty sure I didn't do any actual work that day.

It's fuzzing out!

At one point I accidentally knocked some blue fuzz off it and tried to cram it back on there. Then the box informed me it would regrow, just like if I had accidentally knocked off my arm.

Yay! Magic Tree!

Then the next day I accidentally dropped a book on it and killed it.

I was going to learn how to make animated gifs to really wow this blog, but believe it or not, I actually had more important things to do. As well as a lack of patience.


pizza diarist said...

re: "Then the next day I accidentally dropped a book on it and killed it."

Never have kids.

Blandy Snorhal said...

Didn't you read that blog post about how I accidentally sat on a coat hanger and killed it?

The Miker said...

You can have kids... they bounce. My sister dropped hers on his head... on cement.... He's fine... He lives in Alberta so he'll fit in.

I had never seen a magic tree before. You have opened my eyes to a new world... of crap.