Monday, August 27, 2007

Upper Clements Park!
Part One - Animals
Starting with a fake animal.


Even though there was a bunch of exotic type animals that we rarely get to see, we were still most excited about seeing the one that is most like a house cat.

We couldn't leave this guy. He kept making loud purring sounds mixed with soft growling sounds. He was so great.

Most of the animals were sacked out for naps, since it was boiling out. This bear kept pacing back and forth.

The other bear wouldn't come out of his house.

Here is a bald eagle, looking mad, as usual.

These minks were super stoked to see people. They were also super fast, and therefore, super blurry.


This is an out of focus bobcat. Ignoring us. Rightfully so.
Emu: "Later!"

Up next: Part Two: Stuff and Junk

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just in case some of you may have been wondering how Rizzo was doing, here is an update of his spectaular home! Above, sitting in his hot air ballon, which is currently located in his fabulous front yard, along with a pond, zen garden, sundial, and animated water fountain!

Here's the Cuba Room!

The kitchen! All items are made of yummy goodness.

Let's see what's in his fridge!

The game room. Guitar, bubble chair, Connect Four, a movie studio, a stocked fridge, a crazy giant ass t.v., leather couch, drum as side table (much like in my own home), pool table, air hockey table, puzzle, cards, a scooter, and a game of Battleship!

This is presently called the Medieval Science Room, as I am collecting rare items of the medival and science variety, so they are just in here as a mish mash right now. Along with my bowling alley, which you can actually play bowling on.


Bedroom. These puny pictures are not doing these rooms justice.

Here's the backyard!

Here's Rizzo in a powdered wig, which I bought, next to an Ice Cream Tree, which I won.

This is his garden. I have to tend to the plants each day, which I eventually harvest and either eat, or most likely, sell. Looks like it's time to harvest a watermelon and a pumpkin!

This is also a storage area. I had to buy all those bamboo boxes to store all his clothes in. Also, some other stuff that I won: The two fancy chairs, a fancy table and an ice couch, which I haven't sold yet, since I may make rooms for them.

This is the Space Room. Rizzo is sitting next to the trophy I won!

Here is a close up of Rizzo with the trophy, as well as my fan boat dealie.

Ah, Rizzo is all tuckered out from showing off his crib. Night night.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gay Pride Parade!
This actually took place a couple of weeks ago and I'm just getting around to posting it.
This is one of my favourtie pics because this dog looks so damn happy! He is pretty fashionable after all.
Da Bears!

There were a few gay pirates this year. At one point some pirates were running around yelling "Yar!" and then one passed behind me and said to his friend "I just yarred my professor." Classic.

Don't die in the closet people! Unless you have a fetish for closets.

Drag Queens! I love 'em!

So fabulous. I love whoever this is. It kind of looks like Eric Stoltz.

Yes! I love these bikes hard core!

Notice all the paint on that road from the riot a few weeks back?

This woman rocks every gay pride parade! And see that building in the background? That's where I was supposed to be sitting and writing obits while the parade was going on. Whoo!

I love roller skates!


I love this dude's orange hat, apparently a lot more that that girl does.

Man, I love the gay pride parade. So happy! It was raining a fair bit, which is why it seems fairly dark in all the pictures. You can tell I love it because of the extreme use of exclamation points in this post. Unfortunately the guy with his cat in a stroller didn't show up this time around, but that spikey dog collar dog made up for it. Gay pride!