Monday, December 06, 2004

Oh Budge, how could you?

I've been finding weird inscriptions lately. This time it was in a book I got in my laundry room. We have a "Give and Take" Section, where you can leave books, dishes, clothes, what-have-you, that you no longer want and if someone else in the building wants it, they can take it. So I took this book called "The Leaving", a collection of short stories by Budge Wilson. Above is the inscription. The best part is that the inscription is actually from the author. What could she have done that made her feel bad enough to give a copy of her own book to someone? And did that person forgive her, or is that why the book is now in my possession? At exactly 5 p.m.? What happens then? Was it a lover's quarrel over missing their daily viewing of "Live At Five"?

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pizza diarist said...

Having read a little Budge Wilson, I'd say he's apologizing for his writing abilities.