Saturday, December 18, 2004

"He could not stay off the phone although he knelt hand under knee."

Ah, The Inbreds' "It's Sydney Or The Bush" has finally come back to me. I declare it to be the defining album of my first "college" year. It instantly brings back a visual of myself in a long black trenchcoat, standing on the spot where Cogswell meets North Park meets Rainnie meets Ahern meets Trollope, waiting at a light in the middle of winter on my way to NSCAD to spend countless hours in a darkroom printing photos that were not quite crappy (a.k.a. artsy fartsy) enough to fit in with my classmates. Good times. Mostly. At least The Inbreds were there to make the walk seem not quite so bad. Mike O'Neill, how I love thee and thine wonderful lyrics. "What else can I tell you... about my childhood, was real nice."

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