Friday, November 19, 2004

Three cheers for consumerism!

Today I went shopping with my parents in Sydney. I got a notebook at Frenchy's for 50 cents in which was inscribed the mess you see below. In case you can't pick it out, it once said "To Amanda, the best friend a gal can find anywhere. Love, Lori". I like to think a huge fight ensued, causing Amanda to never write in the nifty notebook, scribble out the note and toss it in a box destined for Frenchy's. Either that or Amanda was just really not creative in any way and couldn't think of a way in which to fill even one single page and crossed out the message out of embarrassment that her best friend obviously has no idea who she really is. My mom bought me a shirt, which is actually black, unlike the drawing. Then we all got some pizza to take home and eat. I also had a fortune cookie dipped in Belgium chocolate. I got two fortunes! One for each personality. One was something about how I will travel far and wide for both business and pleasure and the other mentioned something about how I was thinking of getting into something that would bring me credit. Probably just credit at Blockbuster. Although, since my crappy Zellers shirt fell apart, they did give me $24.95 store credit today! Then I spent (that is, my dad spent) $6 getting me super cool retro plastic garland dealies to put on my Christmas tree! They're white, not blue, as pictured. Now, I will go eat some of the remaining pizza, despite it's so-so sauce.

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