Monday, December 13, 2004

Maybe he should've Mastered in not weirding me out.

So last night I decide to go see "Sideways" with Pizza Diarist. I for once was early so decided to wander around the mall waiting for him. Now, it's Sunday in Nova Scotia, therefore (sigh) all the stores in the mall are actually closed and the only people in there are there to go to the theatre. Except for one dude that's apparently there to ask and weird me out. I saw him earlier in Shoppers Drug Mart and smiled because I was in his way and didn't realize it. Maybe that was the downfall. Me being polite. I'm not positive he actually followed me from Shoppers to the mall, but it also wouldn't surprise me. Once he started talking to me, I, not being much for talking to strangers out of nowhere and for no reason, immediately took the stance as depicted here:

(Only probably not so angry looking.) I feel confident any expert in body language (or any one at all for that matter) would tell you this is a farily unwelcoming stance. It doesn't really scream "Procede with your life story." Which is pretty much what happened. I was told I was a good listener, which I thought was funny because I only seemed like a good listener because I was avoiding talking as much as possilbe and constantly thinking "Hurry up Pizza Diarist!" After telling me where he was from and what he was doing in school and for work and what days he was going home for Christmas and who his roomate was and so on, eventually this dude got to the "Are you seeing anyone?" part of his speech and I, not being quick with the lie (damn my honest upbringing!) said "No", to which he replied "Why not?" Why not? I never understood why someone ever asks "Why aren't you seeing anyone" in that kind of situation. If you can't come up with a good enough reason, do you have to go out with the questioner by default? After I dodged that, he finally started to wind down, eventually inviting me to look for him after the movie if I wasn't too tired. It seemed like in regular life he was probably a nice enough guy, like, as a co-worker or something. But is this really how people are meeting these days? Approaching each other randomly in closed shopping malls and hoping "Maybe this will be the one" or at least "Maybe this one will come home with me tonight". Maybe it is! Maybe this is why myself and so many of my friends remain single. Because we refuse to give in to a society that forces us to date whoever approaches us in malls or at bus stops.

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