Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mmm... Vanilla and Pine, together at last.

I got this Christmas tree ornament a few days ago because Hello Kitty reminds me of my childhood (although I was really into My Melody and still am.) and it was 40% off. Then I got it home and I noticed the ornament is called "Ice Cream for Christmas" (which is actually what I'll be eating for Christmas dinner) and that it is scented. "Scented?" I thought. I was intrigued. I opened the box and it indeed was scented. Like vanilla. Which made me think, why the hell is a Christmas ornament scented? What could be the purpose? Once it's on the tree you can't smell it unless you specifically walk up to the tree and cram your face into the branches to smell it. Also, if the tree is real, then the vanilla scent is mixing with the pine scent, and is that really necessary? What if you had several scented ornaments and they all combined in a non-Fabreeze-like fashion, reeking to high heavens? It just makes no sense (scents. get it? awful). It's seems like an unnecessary step in the manufacturing process, adding time and money. It's like having scented picture frames or a scented hood ornament.

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