Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Rizzo!

It's Rizzo's birthday! He's one year old! Here's what he did on his big day:

Went to Cuba!

Had a dip in his jacuzzi!


Jazzed out with his new jukebox!

Had a rippin' bubble bath!


He got a letter from Webkinz world wishing him a happy birthday and giving him a piece of cake!


Hmm.. Seems like there's something else important about September 28. My brother's birthday!

This was part of his gift. But I can't compete with him finding his lost kitty after a sad and lengthy 17 days after she was cat-napped (for reals people!) Happy Birthday Heron! And welcome back Shaolin!



P.S. I have figured out how to centre stuff, but in most cases, I just don't care enough to do it.


Zencat said...

Thanks. That pic of Shao is cool. I should have used that on the missing poster. Missing : 1 cat, likes to eat dinosaurs

The Miker said...

Like a student from class #72 from the VFS Cougars. Meko has been cut from the film. I fought for her and lost. Now I'm trying to sneak her in... "I have an idea! what if there was a kitten there all of a sudden" I say. They say... "Oh F#ck here we go again with this kitten sh*t". Then I say "Screw you guys! I'm going home".

Blandy Snorhal said...

That's one of my favourite pics of Shaolin. I love the chomping of the muzzlepuffs. Also, I should have mentinoed my brother took the picture. As far as I know.

Poor Meko. There goes his big shot at fame.