Monday, September 10, 2007

Camping Birthday Party!
First off: Decoration our campsite at Blomidon Provincial Park

Bubble Hippo was foaming at the mouth to help us have a good time. Which worked.

Webkinz birthday gift with birthday cake! Will recipient S get as addicted to Webkinz as I am? Only time will tell!

Cards were played.

Resident camper bloo hung out.

Fires were made.

We had a pack of that chemical junk that turns your fire different colours. Whee!

Sparklers were busted out!

It is hard to spell your name with sparklers.

And to draw Radiohead bears.

and spell B-DAY!

Happy B-Day S!


Windrider said...

Man, that looks like a good time!

Sadly there are very few places to get away into the forest down here. A campfire would be nice these days.

Canada has the US beat hands down as far as wildlands preservation..

Blandy Snorhal said...

Yes, we truly know the value of drinking beer and eating chips outside.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to me! and a good time it was. but now i'm 30. crap. S