Monday, August 27, 2007

Upper Clements Park!
Part One - Animals
Starting with a fake animal.


Even though there was a bunch of exotic type animals that we rarely get to see, we were still most excited about seeing the one that is most like a house cat.

We couldn't leave this guy. He kept making loud purring sounds mixed with soft growling sounds. He was so great.

Most of the animals were sacked out for naps, since it was boiling out. This bear kept pacing back and forth.

The other bear wouldn't come out of his house.

Here is a bald eagle, looking mad, as usual.

These minks were super stoked to see people. They were also super fast, and therefore, super blurry.


This is an out of focus bobcat. Ignoring us. Rightfully so.
Emu: "Later!"

Up next: Part Two: Stuff and Junk

1 comment:

Windrider said...

Aww, I love the little minks.

They remind me of the three ferrets I had a few years ago. Super playful, and theives of the highest order. But could always make me laugh.