Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just in case some of you may have been wondering how Rizzo was doing, here is an update of his spectaular home! Above, sitting in his hot air ballon, which is currently located in his fabulous front yard, along with a pond, zen garden, sundial, and animated water fountain!

Here's the Cuba Room!

The kitchen! All items are made of yummy goodness.

Let's see what's in his fridge!

The game room. Guitar, bubble chair, Connect Four, a movie studio, a stocked fridge, a crazy giant ass t.v., leather couch, drum as side table (much like in my own home), pool table, air hockey table, puzzle, cards, a scooter, and a game of Battleship!

This is presently called the Medieval Science Room, as I am collecting rare items of the medival and science variety, so they are just in here as a mish mash right now. Along with my bowling alley, which you can actually play bowling on.


Bedroom. These puny pictures are not doing these rooms justice.

Here's the backyard!

Here's Rizzo in a powdered wig, which I bought, next to an Ice Cream Tree, which I won.

This is his garden. I have to tend to the plants each day, which I eventually harvest and either eat, or most likely, sell. Looks like it's time to harvest a watermelon and a pumpkin!

This is also a storage area. I had to buy all those bamboo boxes to store all his clothes in. Also, some other stuff that I won: The two fancy chairs, a fancy table and an ice couch, which I haven't sold yet, since I may make rooms for them.

This is the Space Room. Rizzo is sitting next to the trophy I won!

Here is a close up of Rizzo with the trophy, as well as my fan boat dealie.

Ah, Rizzo is all tuckered out from showing off his crib. Night night.


Windrider said...

Hi there Blandy,

What on earth is this game? It looks like the "sims".

Neat though! I hope all is well there with you.

Nothing going on here for the last few days but heat, and working with the "special people" of my organization.


Blandy Snorhal said...

It's Webkinz!