Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Prince Edward Island!
Part, what? Like, IV maybe. Let's say IV.
First off, check out this monster fly bite I aquired during the trip. I suspect this was done by the fly that Steve smashed on the windshield resulting in a huge smear of blood. I mean, this looks like a birth mark! Cripes! Also, wow, I am pale.

I love porch swings.

Carcassonne was played as someone splashed out on the game. Which made me feel better about splashing out on Kurt Vonnegut. We did not read enough instructions to find out what this awesome dragon was for.

I was too tired to maintain instructions, so I was relegated to counting pieces along the board and taking photos.


Watch out for yetis trying to grab you from the roof of liquor stores.

This is Hippo's defining Prince Edward Island shot.

Our hosts had an awesome bike!

That bright pink spot is a rainbow.

The sunset on the way back to Nova Scotia.

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