Saturday, April 15, 2006


Today at work was so much better than yesterday at work!


I consult this poster to locate the fire escape route, which is, unsurprisingly, the only staircase in the building. The fire route map actually brought me farther away from the stairs than my office was.

** Repeat Picture Alert **

Given that we all knew this was not really a fire, my supervisor looks embarrassed as the fire truck approaches.

Black bars used to protect the innocent. Also the guilty.

We all wait around laughing and contributing to the mortification of the co-worker at the centre of the controversy.

After spending a moment inside and investigating this:

the firemen pile back out of the building. And get checked out by my supervisor.

Laughing at us, the fireman writes out a $150 ticket.

Cause of Alarm: Burnt Food

The culprit:

Most expensive English muffin ever!

And the whole thing killed a half an hour! Whee! Take that yesterday!

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