Sunday, March 19, 2006

Trivial Pursuit Pie Party!

A photographic journey

Real pies to be won and eaten.

Blueberry Pie = Geography

Lemon Pie = History

A colour successfully avoided by my team almost all night.

Pumpkin Pie (i.e. Dog Food Pie) = Sports and Leisure

Key Lime Pie (my contribution!) = Science and Nature

My team's colour of choice, as my partner knew things about science!

Raspberry Pie (i.e. Garlic Finger Pie) = Entertainment

Chocolate Pie (i.e. Chocolate Soup) = Art and Literature

Let the game begin!

Drawing the teams! Yet another person would come to be disappointed in the fact that I only appear to be somewhat intelligent, and that, in fact, my humour outweighs my intellect. By a lot.

The first pie has been won!

The second pie has been won! By the same team.

The rest of us, getting hungry, resort to:

The game wears on and delirium sets in:

Eventually those of us skilled in areas other than board games must face the fact that we will not be winning all pies, accept defeat and run for the kitchen to see what the winners have been enjoying throughout the evening. Pies are quickly scarfed down and bellies are brought home to repent.

Things learned from the evening:

1) Peeps taste better when they're naked.

2) Partners are good at talking each other out of the right answer. All too often.

3) A half a box of Lucky Charms only has four green clovers.

4) When in doubt, go with Ronald Regan.


the library girl said...

We should play Risk for the next themed game. Everytime an army of ten is wiped out, we eat finger sandiwches.

Sandwiches are better than pie!

pizza diarist said...

Risk w/ Real Guns?

Col. Portnoy said...

Play risk for control of each others apartments. Pumpkin pie rules!

Blandy Snorhal said...

I'm voting for Candyland with real candy.