Friday, March 17, 2006


Remember these (circa February 2005)?

How about these (circa June 2005)?

Yes, I was having run-ins with pigeon wings sans pigeon. It was both disturbing and intriguing. So what was happening to the pigeons? Turns out, crows have been eating them!

As you can see, the yellow arrow points out the wings. You'll have to trust me that when I stopped to stare for a moment, then whip out the camera, the crow was standing on the wings and fervently pulling pigeon meat off of them. Then he noticed me gawking and hopped away, a little unsure as to how to compose himself after committing such a serious faux pas as to eat another member of his species.

This leads to a different question: Why must I take photos of such disgusting things (i.e. dead bird, giant slug, discarded human hair)? Next up: More band-aids!


zencat said...

The faux pas was not that he was eating another member of his species, as they are different species, but that he keeps telling his crow friends he's a vegan.

Blandy Snorhal said...

Yeah, after I posted it I was thinking "Wait... species? Is that right?" and trying to determine if birds are all the same species like dogs would be a species but with different breeds. Then I had to lay down for awhile.

pizza diarist said...

Forget species! What about gender? A little female crow on female pigeon action?