Monday, August 15, 2005

Things I Saw Today!

Okay, I'm getting the band-aids out of the way first. I was outside for almost five hours and averaged about one per hour.

Normal band-aid with gross stain seeping downwards.

Simpsons band-aid! I'm familiar with these, as I got a box at Dollarama ("Thanks kids in Indonesia!"). I am aware that they are not the most top quality band-aids however, so I only use them on my cut fingers so I can be sure it's staying in place. Also, the pictures scratch off easily.


Aww. Little hearts. This band-aid loves the sidewalk.

These two band-aids are doing it!!

Maybe that's where all these ground-aids are coming from!!

Other things!

I believe the black chess piece defeated the white chess piece, then died of lung cancer, which is evident by the cigarette butt next to him.


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