Saturday, August 13, 2005

Flock of Seagull
(and band-aids)

I'm sure the two people that occasionally check this site are sick of seeing band-aids, but I can't help it. They're just everywhere and I must photograph them and purge them out at the world. Once it cools off, I suspect band-aid ground cover will decrease.

Finally! A tiny little band-aid! Remember those?! You don't see them that often. Maybe they stay on better than larger rebellious band-aids.

I believe this one was already on here, in flat form. It now seems to be slowly breaking out toward greener pastures.

This one looks tiny but it's just in the middle of an intersection where I couldn't stop due to heavy automobile and pedestrian traffic. That's it down toward the right corner.

Something else I saw yesterday:

This seagull is so great. And I hate seagulls (i.e. shitbags), so that's saying something. I have a fondness for birds that seem to be acting out of the ordinary. Like this bird. Why isn't he hanging out with other seagulls? Because he doesn't care about other seagulls, that's why! He's all "Yeah, I'm sitting in a big parking lot by myself, so what?"

"Sure, I'll sit here quietly why you take pictures, I've got nothing else to do today! I'm comfy!"

He's got attitude! He's got style! He's badass! He don't take no guff from nobody!!

Then I saw him again today!!!

It was raining and hard to see him. This parking lot to him is like a Hollywood club with no sign outside. Don't mess with him! He doesn't need you!

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