Sunday, February 27, 2005

No swimming until an hour after you eat!

Last night I dreamt about this scene. It had apparently been just a regular park with a pond, but was now converted into what you see. Essentially, a lot of fast food places had set up shop, with KFC actually setting up in the pond with a wharf leading to it. Also installed was a giant flat screen t.v., placed in the pond as well. In the dream, I had been travelling with the family of a longtime friend and we had stopped here for a break. It was all new to me. The purpose of the redesigned park was to offer people a place to come and eat, hang out, and watch television. There was also a lot of trash around, as tends to happen around take out joints. I remember thinking in the dream "This was probably a cool place before," and also "Was this really necessary? Couldn't people just hang out here without the restaurants and t.v.?" Unfortunately, it seems my dreams have taken an activist turn.

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