Tuesday, November 16, 2004


It was B-I-N-clap-O last night since I didn't win bingo. I was very close several times, which really just makes me a bigger loser. Also, I have a cold, which I also had last night, making bingo less than exciting, having to sniff constantly and never win anything for it. Then I went home and later ate a gingerbread man cookie my mom bought for me. It could be worse. I could be in Halifax with what I hear is copious amounts of snow everywhere, no bingo to even go to, and no gingerbread man to torture with my teeth and kill with my stomach acids.

If anyone's actually wondering, I'm mostly retching out crappy Paint sketches because the scanner here is just way too much effort.

Every time I sneeze my right eye twitches.


Brandon said...

Bingo rules. Was there a smoking pit?
Some classy individuals in those smoking areas.

pizza diarist said...

That uber realistic illustration of a bingo card has got me all hot and bothered to hit The Forum when you get back. I heard the rental price for their bingo dabbers went up!