Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Guess who!

This guy! Again! I saw him while I was on the way home from "The Incredibles", which was awesome. And I think they even had a nod to Heat Miser! Tonight he was in a coffee shop and it looked like he was with a friend. I have yet to see him front on. Would I even recognize him? I probably would and I'd yell something stupid like "You're that guy!" right in his face. So where will Waldo be next?... And why oh why did I have to draw his first picture on that off-white paper?...


pizza diarist said...

Are you not at all concerned that he never seems to change his clothes?

I wonder what he has in his bag?

Why does he suddenly have boobies on his bum cheeks?

Next time you see him you should hand him a piece of paper with this website address on it and walk away. Take your relationship to the next level!

Blandy Snorhal said...

I might be concerned about his never changing his clothes if I actually knew him. Also, it's freezing out, so there's a good chance it's just a standard coat and hoodie combo he's got going. Once I put my coat on, I look like I'm always wearing the same thing. Which, of course, I am.

If I walked up to him and gave him this web address, then I'd never see him again because I'm sure he'd flee town.

As for boobage, if you think boobs have pockets on them, you're farther gone than I thought.

But why does this guy keep showing up everywhere? Like Bish mentioned, this guy is my tall black doorman. I need Lily Tomlin and Mark Wahlberg on this case!