Sunday, November 21, 2004

Damn. Why you gotta be like that?

This week I really hate Shoppers Drug Mart. Usually I quite like them. Nice, clean stores. But last week they put out a big Christmas catalogue with all kinds of stuff I could buy if I wanted. So I wanted to get something for one of my friends for Christmas, but alas, Shoppers did not come through. They did not have this advertised item in Glace Bay. They did not have it in Sydney. They do not have it in Sydney River or Dartmouth and I feel confident that neither Fenwick Street nor Spring Garden Road stores will have it either, since I know those stores rather well, and they never have this sort of item. Why do they advertise this but not actually have it anywhere? Actually Dartmouth had it (because it's a big fancy "new" Shoppers store), but sold out and won't be bothering to get it again before Christmas. Why bother? Why play with consumers like that? Jerks!

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pizza diarist said...

I like how the gun is pointed at the back of the head of that overweight elderly lady.