Thursday, November 26, 2009

This will not be pleasant.

Okay, this is another gross post. Not quite as epic as the Kraft Dinner/Gypsophilia/Toenail post, but probably a close second.

To get you started, here is Cupcake again. A nice dose of sugar to make the medicine go down.

You can tell he's worried about what's coming.

So the other day, some friends were coming over and I had to go looking for my board games, which I hadn't dug out since I moved. So, I dig them out of my storage closet, and as I'm loading the closet back up with various bulky items, I step back, in a downward and backward fashion, onto a piece of glass.

While moving, a lamp with green glass broke, and this was a remnant of said lamp. Unbeknownst to me, it was hiding in the storage closet waiting for the right moment to strike. Not cool glass. Not cool.

So, I hobble to the bathroom to wash off the blood and get a good look. Now you can have one too. If you want. And I know you do. Click on the disgusted swine flu girl to get a look.

Not as bad as the toe at least, right?

So anyway, I have to dig this chunk of glass out with a sewing needle and a pair of tweezers. You know, peeling skin back with the needle, coaxing the glass around with the tweezers. And you know that crunchy sound broken glass makes? Blarg. It was making that while I was trying to dig it out. You're dead to me glass.

So I finally get it out, then have to use the needle to dig farther into my skin to get the paint out, because when the glass came out, it left some of its (probably 1970s lead-based) paint behind. Ugh. Here's another picture, with some of my faux fur rug coming out of the wound.

Hey, I did not force you to look at that.

Here is another picture of Cupcake to make up for your disgusting behaviour, not that you deserve it you gross person.

That picture gave him the vapours.

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