Monday, November 09, 2009


Halloween Cupcakes!

These are long gone by now, but I'm slow to post, what with just getting back into the game and all. And also having no life to post about.
Okay, first, butter. That looks like popcorn.

Next, from what I remember, you need some eggs.

Smash them up and get fancy.

Admire my candy corn nail polish. You will need tons of flour, some for just whipping around the kitchen and spilling on yourself.

Lookin' yum!

Also, happy birthday Sesame Street!

Okay, get out the adorable Halloween baking cups that were the inspiration for even getting it together to make these things in the first place.

Fill them sumbitches up!

Shove into oven. Watch 30 Rock while you wait for them to bake.

Ding! They're done! Find Pac Man.

Careful, because that sneak will eat some of your product!

There would have been about 10 more if it weren't for Pac Man.
Now, the icing. Did you know you would use a whole bag of icing sugar for your icing?

Now you do. Food colour!

It makes things more awesome. Food colour and mixer face!

You have to picture the beaters as a crazy tooth/mouth combo. See?
Okay, mix the food colour in, slam it on the cupcakes, add sprinkles that you forgot to take a picture of and bam!

Halloween cupcakes.
Try not to start downing them.


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