Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Look what I got today!

Guess who was squashed inside?!

Another bear!

But where's the tag with my name on it beyotches?

Plus, omg people, you know how much I complain about the SPCA blowing my ten dollars on sending crap back to me. Turns out they are royally ripping people off! And by royally, I mean marginally. Basically the SPCA in Montreal was awesome enough to name itself the Canadian SPCA so that many people, like myself, would think their donations were being sent to a national SPCA and that the money was doled out where needed. My complaint being that the money was being doled out on mini teddy bears. Here's" an article about it. The article doesn't mention one thing that was pointed out on CTV news though, which was that this particular SPCA spends ten times as much on "advertising" as any other SPCA in Canada!! As if I already didn't know this. Now I just have to place the blame on Montreal instead of the rest of Canada. Way to go Montreal!

On an added note, here's a quote from the article: "In Nova Scotia, the SPCA put up a warning on its website, saying the "'Canadian SPCA' is at it again...". "Have you received your t-shirt or keychain yet? Did you send a donation to help abused animals? Did you know that ALL your money went to the MONTREAL SPCA, to support their work in Quebec?"

What the shit?

Where the hell is my t-shirt?!

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