Friday, December 08, 2006


The ongoing trials and tribulations of having donated ten buckaroonies to the SPCA! I got more crap today! But awesome crap! If you thought the personalized photo album and teddy bear could not be topped, you were wrong! In my opinion. Although, that bear is pretty shit hot. But check this:

That's right! My holiday gift box is here!


- Christmas cards and envelopes


- Gift wrap and gift tags

- Ribbons and bows


- Your CSPCA pen

Check (although I don't know what makes it a CSPCA pen per se):

So great! I am a total sucker for stationary products, especially ones that come in boxes. But isn't this the kind of thing that you would buy for ten dollars, say, in a mall, at an unsteady Lions Club table that's been set up, as a way to make a donation but still get something out of it, other than the feeling of goodwill, which only lasts until you find a DVD you wanted and you would have bought if you hadn't given away that ten dollars? As opposed to sending to someone who already gave you ten dollars and has gotten a boat load of other crap from you but still didn't give you any more money?

Although, at least they are coming down to my level. Usually when they send me forms, it's for 15 dollars, 25 dollars, 50 dollars and upwards. At least they are starting to be a bit more realistic:

And truth be told, I actually gave them another ten dollars a few weeks ago, what with it being a year since I donated, but I must point out, that cheque has not yet been cashed, and therefore this holiday fun time box was sent pre-second donation. I like to look at this donation as a ten dollar fee towards having something to blog about.

Now, who will get this delightful wrapping? It could be an extra bonus for my secret santa recipient!!

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