Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This is how Christmas went down at my place (needles to say, there was very little Christ involved, except when I hit my bacon-scab burn off the desk and cursed a bit):

A flurry of paper and then I fell asleep. Here's some stuff!

This is soap:

Yeah!!! I almost bought this for myself a few weeks ago but couldn't afford it! Luckily, my brother and his wife could.

A hippo pencil case named Buffalo!

Various blankets!

And now for the most hi-tech gift:

Webkinz hippo! Which I named Rizzo. You can play in an on-line community, like Neopets, which I was addicted to for a time, as was my brother. Technically, this toy is aimed at younger kids (younger kids than myself I mean), but as you've probably noticed, I have a thing for hippos. Which has been put on hold because my apartment is overflowing with them. Here's his adoption paper! Pff. Madonna makes this look so hard.

So I went on-line and decorated his room and bought him a Santa suit and a bed and he took a nap. So like me.

Here he is with the Hippo On A Halfshell painting I "bought" him.

The rest of the day consisted of eating pizza and ice cream. And my mom's famous Butterfly Bread, which will be documented in a future posting. As will the rest of the holidays, as I'm heading to Newfoundland and my hometown, Pasadena, for a wedding tomorrow. You'll just have to keep looking at these pics for a few days. Merry Fishmas!


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