Thursday, May 11, 2006


That's him in the cowboy hat. So my digital camera does not hold up well at dimly lit concerts, and these pics were only scored when I craftily snuck down closer to the stage than the seat I had paid for. By craftily, I mean I just walked down there and took a seat and no one bothered me about it.

I also took a bunch of pictures with my trusty 35mm camera, so hopefully when I get that roll developed I will have at least one good shot to remember the evening by. Willie! He rocked the joint like a hoedown! Old ladies were rocking out in their seats! Toes were a'tappin! It was grand! Except for the over-priced t-shirts, which I did not purchase, having just rediscovered e-bay. Willie!

Unfortunately, he did not sing "The Last Thing I Needed The First Thing This Morning", but I will forgive him. Although, I will not forgive Halifax and/or the Halifax Metro Centre for not ever mentioning that Willie Nelson was coming to town, which resulted in me not finding out about it until three days after tickets went on sale and therefore having a lamewad seat. Pff.

I will be heading to my parent's place on Sunday, so brace yourself for some posts of extreme cat close ups. And possibly bingo related posts. Since bingo and cats are the main excitement in Port Morien.


Col. Portnoy said...

Man, I should have moved closer at that concert. Lesson learned. I saw those Willie shirts too. 45 bucks? I mean come on.

Blandy Snorhal said...

Yes, 45 bucks was ridiculous. For future reference to everyone attending concerts at the Metro Centre and maybe elsewhere: You can wander around freely. The employees don't know where you were sitting. So wander around looking for better seats. You can't get onto the floor, as the entranceways are stocked with employees with flashlights. I walked right down an aisle up to the edge (where the "floor" section ends) and there were fold out seats in front of the regular seats. So I sat there. No one cared! I had a great view! But you should probably wait until the show is in full swing and no one is paying attention to you.

pizza diarist said...

And for future reference: the same goes when watching shows at Ralph's.