Thursday, May 18, 2006

Recent Events


While I did not win bingo on Monday, I did see this hilarious Rolaids machine nestled in between a jellybean machine and a peanut machine. And while granted, this actually makes total sense, especially considering it's located in a Royal Canadian Legion, I still think this is one of the funniest things ever.

The Lawnmower Broke

Hence, the sea of dandelions in the backyard. Which I think adds some nice colour!

Spring Clean Up

(i.e. Large Item Garbage Collection)

It didn't seem like this event could be exciting, what with the plethora of old chesterfields strewn about. But then the guy across the street put out approximately 23 old barbecue stands!

I say approximately because it was hard to tell them all apart in the pictures, some being upside down and all. How does one acquire 23 barbecue stands? Where are the barbecues? Why didn't he get rid of some of these during the last spring garbage pick up? Did he obtain all these in one year? Amazing! Wait, can barbecues be used in meth labs? Ka-boom!

Value Village

Among cute purses and hippo related items, I also scored these two records that I'm totally jazzed about. I'm going to bust out that Max Bygraves on my 1970s record player while I make ice cream in my new machine!


pizza diarist said...

The Boney M Christmas Album is an absolute classic in the Diarist household.

Blandy Snorhal said...

Mine as well, although Kenny and Dolly's "Once Upon A Christmas" is the real winner. Although my mom was jealous that I scored this and she had no record player to play it on.