Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Just when I though I couldn't like frat boys with "Scarface" posters on their walls any less, I finally watched "Scarface". What's the big deal with this movie? Tony Montana had no redeeming qualities! Nothing to root for! All he did was be an asshole who couldn't start his own drug ring so had to kill Frank Lopez to take his! All he did after that was become more of an asshole and waste lots of water in overly large bathtubs until finally the drug lords who actually knew what they were doing decided to kill him proper! Also, if he sees his sister after she's been to clown school, he shoots lasers out of his eyes with appropriate and hilarious sound effects. I could not find any reason for any person, be it frat boy or not, to have any interest in Tony Montana. Yeah, he's tough. Yeah, he's shoots people and does drugs. That's the only thing I could find that may be considered "cool". If undercutting the people that brought you up and were loyal to you is cool. Basically, this movie was just much better when Brian DePalma re-made his own film as "Carlito's Way". Lasers!

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Anonymous said...

I recently watched Scarface for the first time as well. I also had someone drone on about how it influenced rap culture and gangster rap. Goes to show how stupid people are. The point of the movie was don't be a Tony Montana. He was pathetic and stupid. Kills his best friend, gets the girl of his dreams then treats her like crap and at the end you know he was going to nail his sister.

At least it gives me a question to ask people when I first meet them that I can decide if I hate them or not.