Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I hate you.

To the theme of "Three's Company":

Family in 226: Don't come knock on our door
We're oblivious to you
Where the squealing is hers and hers and his
We don't care about you.

Me in 217: I'm gonna dance on your face
Make a move with some Mace
I've a very big grave that needs your babe
I want to kill you.

Why don't some people understand the concept of apartment buildings and how there are not whole patches of land between our front doors. That letting your squealing kid squeal 3 feet from my door is not okay?! I hate you people!!!


pizza diarist said...

I wish I remember how that tune goes...

p.s. Cute toes.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I'm sorry dear. I had no idea my baby was so annoying. And that other youngster of ours, the one that squeals, we've decided to start corporal punishment so some lashes to the arse should curtail the porking. Please don't hate us, who would we run to if we ever need a cup of sugar or a pad of butter? Tell ya what, I know this Rastafarian with some real good "stuff," what say you come by Sunday evening and we'll do "tea"?

Blandy Snorhal said...

See, now you're adding to the problem by calling me "dear". Only grannies can do that. And I'm starting to think corporal punishment is what's making them cry and squeal in the first place. Don't come to me for sugar and butter, I don't have either of them. Also, I don't enjoy tea or "tea". I still don't like you.