Monday, October 18, 2004

Love and Rockets

October is the best month because Rockets and Pumpkin Face Orange Gum is available at my local grocery store! Recently I stocked up on Rockets in anticipation of Halloween. Last year when I went out to get them near October 31, they were sadly all gone. Now, my pre-stock is also sadly almost all gone. The Pumpkin Face Orange Gum is also wicked, but the flavour only lasts about one minute. Like other sad events from my life.


Anne Smith said...

I have never had either of those. Rockets look like smarties. I also enjoy seasonal candies. I love valentine's day purely due to the fact that they have those starburst heart candies. I always stock up on them!

Blandy Snorhal said...

Yeah, Rockets are called Smarties in the United States. But we have a chocolate candy here called Smarties, hence the different name. At least I assume that's why the different name, and I'm too lazy to research it.