Monday, October 18, 2004


I do not get sick on rides. I just don't. I never have. I love them. Yesterday I went to the Maritime Fall Fair with a co-worker where I experienced ride sickness for the first time in my life. I had been sick off and on all week, but for some reason forgot about this in my excitement to ride shabby and suspicious rides put together by a travelling family of carnies with speech impediments. The first ride went well, going crazier than I thought it would. It had a snow theme for some reason. The second ride did me in. It involved spinning, which is why I had gotten on it in the first place. When we got off the ride, we got on the ferris wheel because I thought a tame ride would help. Halfway through the ride, I started to experience a feeling I hadn't felt in about 18 years. I started swallowing continuously in an effort to keep down the spew. I was actually holding my finger over my mouth a la Sylvester the Cat. I finally get off the ride, look around to see where I can retch. Only garbage cans and pavement. Suddenly, a puke burp erupts! Thankfully with no actual puke. I felt a bit better, and went on a few more rides, with similar results. Eventually, I had to cave in and stand by as my co-worker enjoyed more rides. I spent the rest of the time being sore at my body for turning against me yet again.

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