Sunday, December 05, 2010

Whoopie Pies!

More like Whoopsie Pies, as it turned out.
I got this kit to make whoopie pies. Here what came in it:
No instuctions were included. I e-mailed the company and got them, no big deal. However here are all the things you actually need to make whoopie pies:

I get that they can't really include eggs, milk, oil, and butter, but then really, this is hardly a complete kit.

Alright, so mix up the cake batter-type stuff with the oil and milk.

Egg it up.

Whirrrrrrrrr and it's mixed.

So here's where it got whoopsed up. The kit says it makes 12-15 whoopie pies. So when I blobbed them out on the cookie sheets I was all "12 blobs. Done and done," forgetting that 12 blobs would only equal 6 whoopie pies. Therefore, I made them way too huge.

So while those are baking, it's time to make icing! Measuring out 8 tablespoons of butter is a royal pain in the ass. Also, the icing mix they provided (along with icing sugar I provided) was seriously and ridiculously runny. It was not usable whatsoever. I had to put in pounds (well, not really) of extra icing sugar, just to make it usable.
Like I said, I made these way too huge. Although, my only real experience with whoopie pies is based on the ones sold at Irving, and they are a decent size. Not as big as these mothers, but still. Anyway, I tried to cut them down to a reasonable size.
Here is one before I altered the icing. What a mess.

Gross. Anyway, evenutally I got the icing to a decent consistency and put the candy cane bits in there and it all worked out okay. Although, I thought they were too sweet. The pregnant lady who ate some thought they were juuuuust right. But you can't trust the tastebuds of a pregnant lady!
And that is that!

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hooyah! said...

they look like macaroons!and of course tempting:)