Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New York City - Part II

Coney Island!

I have been a little in love with the Wonder Wheel for quite some time now. I'm not entirely sure why, but it may have something to do with how great it looked in this Beck video and this Tragically Hip video.

Watching them now, about 13 years or so after they were released, makes me wonder why the Wonder Wheel really stood out to me so much, since it was not exactly prominently featured.

Did I mention I got a new camera?!

I just have a thing for ferris wheels I guess, even though they are pretty low on the excitement scale. Unlike the Cyclone!

This was a super fun ride! Roller coasters rarely fail at being fun.

Here is a view from inside the Wonder Wheel:

As some of you may know, I'm also weirdly drawn to carousel horses, despite their creepiness. I mean, they look frozen in terror! Almost as if they are just realizing they are sinking in quicksand!

Speaking of terrifying:

I do not have any idea what is happening there. The shop underneath was not yet open for the season. I mean, it seems like it can be nothing other than legs in cat heads. And I know that's a wave behind it, but my brain sees it at cat head juice. The only way this could even slightly be explained is if the shop sold novelty slippers.

Moving on. Boo!



They missed me! Ee ee. Ee ee.

We also hit up the Staten Island Ferry for some free Statue of Liberty viewing.

It's not as big as you might think it is.

I have no idea what this statue is for. That's just the kind of tourist I am. Snap and bail.

We also hit up Jersey Gardens to do some serious shopping. That's hippo on the E.

This outlet mall was absolutely monstrous. It pretty much killed my legs and feet for the rest of the trip. Thanks mall. But I also got an awesome dress and shoes there. Thanks mall!

   These were in a regular electronics/entertainment kind of store, which sort of blew my mind.

We ate at a 50's diner, because I adore 50's diners.

It was pretty good. The milkshakes were awesome. After about 8 hours or so of shopping, this is how I felt:

End of Part II.

I forgot this one last post!


Windrider said...

Ok Blandy,

It's Official..

I love you..........

(it's ok, go run and hide.... I'll wait)

Blandy Snorhal said...

I'll just add you to the list.

The Miker said...

I'm #42!

THe supersampler is really really really great.

Windrider said...

Oh Blandykins,

Did you fall off the edge of the world or something Love?

What gives? We who are your fans miss you..

Blandy Snorhal said...

Yeah, I'm taking an internet break. Possibly forever. I haven't fully decided yet. I was starting to feel too involved in the world. I need to spend more time with graphic novels.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Booo! We need our at home with no pants on!

Blandy Snorhal said...

Who are you Anonymous? I haven't posted in over three months and you've just now noticed? You must have been really into it.

The Miker said...

Yeah! Get up in "anonymous" face. What an idiot... actually it was me... I was just to lazy to sign in.

Blandy Snorhal said...

I kind of suspected it was you. You must have been really into it.

The Miker said...

Have been? try am. I started my blog to be half as cool as you.

This is just like when Jesus killed that kitten...

Marius Bojor said...

The statue is the one that used to be at the WTC Plaza - http://z.about.com/d/manhattan/1/0/P/E/flickr-jan22-wtc-plaza-globe.jpg

Blandy Snorhal said...

This statue is way more interesting now. I suppose I could have learned that while I was there, but the plaque was surrounded by people. People who know what they were looking at I guess. Snap. Bail.