Monday, May 19, 2008

New York City - Part I

So, let's start with the classics. First up, 30 Rockefeller Center:

And the view of Central Park from, possibly, the 70th floor:

The view sort of collapses under the weight of the smog. Radio City Music Hall was next door.

Next, we hit Times Square, because we felt like we hadn't seen enough advertisements yet.

Or cabs.

Ira Glass and Jenna James. Dare I say... Brains before beauty?


We were lucky enough to end up in Times Square again at night, when it was much more fabulous:

There's a giant Toys R Us in Times Square, so of course we went in, to see the indoor ferris wheel!

I'm not really sure why an indoor ferris wheel would be so exciting, but it really was. See how excited Geoffrey is?

We didn't go on it though, because it was four bucks. We were all "Four bucks to move slowly in a circle? Forget it." So we moved on to My Little Pony.


That totally cracked me up, even though it was almost too clever for its own good.

Speed Racer car!

So pretty. More to come later!   


Windrider said...

wow, there are some great shots in there Blandy!

Hey, have you stated shooting with the large format camera yet?

Blandy Snorhal said...

Thanks windrider! I've taken some, but have not yet had them developed.

Crissy said...

Some really fun pics!

NYC ... one place I really need to visit one day ...