Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mr. Chomps!

So Webkinz kind of scams you because when you get a toy and activate the account it only lasts for one year. So you have to buy another toy to keep all your fun times going. But, I have a super awesome discount card for Lawton's so Mr. Chomps was pretty cheap. And here he is!


This is his exclusive King of the Jungle throne. Here's his jungle:

Right now he's Christmasing it up.

But he's also Hanukkahing it up:

All of which is just for fun, because he's an Atheist. And my backyard has turned into a winter wonderland again. There are two seasons in Webkinz: summer and winter.

And what of Rizzo, you may ask? What is he up to? Being dressed as a bee.

Aw, they're the best of friends:

This makes the likelihood of my becoming a crazy cat lady seem really not all that bad.

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