Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halloween in T-11 Days!

So nothing has really been happening lately, and therefore I've had nothing to post. So, I took some pictures from around my apartment to help get you hyped for Halloween.

Here's the dollar store hat I've been wearing all week (in my apartment, not outside) and will continue to wear for the next 11 - 30 days.


Whee! Halloween!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year (contrary to popular belief and written songs)! Although, I went to a local candy and toy store yesterday and they already had the Halloween stuff stuck in the back of the store (although NOT on sale) and the Christmas stuff was taking prominence. This has happened in many stores already. Note to stores: It is disrespectful to Halloween to push it aside for Christmas. Just bust it all out on November 1, mkay? Jerks.

More Halloween junk to come later!

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Windrider said...

Jack Skellington!

Thats too funny, I just watched that movie a few days ago. Danny Elfman did a superb job with the vocals. It took me back to his Oingo Boingo days..

I like halloween too, unfortunately not many people down here do.