Friday, June 15, 2007

Clown Vomit!

Today there was a protest/riot in front of the building where I work. Finally! Although, I must admit, I thought I would be the one causing a riot within a 10 block radius of that place. Anyway, this dude on the ground, I assume, got pepper sprayed.

It looked pretty painful, convulsions and whatnot. My brother is in the RCMP and as part of his training he had to get pepper sprayed. He said it was the most painful thing he'd ever experienced. Until he had to get tasered. His words of advise: "If a cop is pointing a taser gun at you, calm down and do what he's telling you." Unless he's a bad cop I guess.

I'm not sure how it started. They were protesting the whole Atlantica thing, which I am not well informed about enough to explain or comment on. Something about feeling like we're being sold out. Mostly it seemed like a riot busted out and then the protestors were all "Fuck the Police!" and whatnot. And in an interview one guy said "Of course we were not expecting this." However, I'm pretty sure the cops are not the ones that brought paint-filled balloons to the rally. Plus, I highly doubt this is what any of those cops felt like doing on a Friday afternoon. Except bad cops I guess.

My co-worker seemed to think the cops were being rough, but I did not see any evidence of that. Yes, some dude got pepper faced, but I don't know what happened before that, so it may have been warranted.

Our building just had it's whole front sandblasted clean, so we were hoping some paint hit it, but no luck. My co-worker ran outside to see if her car was okay. It was.

Here the cameras converge on this dude, who apparently was the co-ordinator or something, according to what my co-worker heard. We were not allowed to leave the building through the front door because of liability purposes, so we had to listen through the door. I so badly wanted to fling the door open and yell "Penis!" I have missed my life's greatest opportunity.

As you can see, the cameras are missing the money shot of pepper dude being loaded into the police van.

All in all, it allowed me to blow off work for a full 30 minutes, which made it totally worth it. Except to pepperhead and the few other people that got arrested. Oh, and apparently the police officers that got hurt (I did not see anyone unconscious or reeling from rubber bullet pain). So really, only worth it for me and everyone in my building.

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