Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Of the creepy variety, not the museum variety.
So I'm at work on Friday evening and there's a huge bee flying around. I announce it but no one seems to care and I'm leaving for the day so I'm like "Alright, seeya!" Not really caring what happened after that. I get to work on Saturday and this giant bee is lollygagging around the window by my desk. This huge bee:

I'm like "Holy shit! How big is this thing?" Then it wandered onto a ruler for convenience.

So I watch it for awhile because I don't even need to find out that I'm allergic to bee stings. It's wandering around totally bee drunk. It would move a bit, then stop and raise it's wings. Then move a bit, lift it's front feet up and down.

There's a garbage bag at the bottom of the window to prevent a draft, and he was walking along it, then he'd randomly fall off. The window was open, but he did not seem to realize. I called my co-worker in to check out the drunk bee. I was all "Aren't their feet supposed to be sticky, hence being able to stick to walls and whatnot?" When he fell off the bag yet again, I was getting weirded out by it, like it might go crazy on me at any minute.

So my co-worker managed to get the bee to walk onto an envelope and then she tossed it out the window. I thought "Maybe it lost it's stinger and was dying" and chalked it up to that.
About half an hour later I hear a sound. Our office building has mice, so I'm looking around for a mouse and trying to place the sound. It's coming from above.

So then I'm all "What the shit? How did a bee get in there?" There being the flourescent overhead light. He was all wandering around in there like it was no big deal. I point him out to my co-worker who is equally weirded out by it. About 15 minutes later I hear some buzzing like he's now really pissed about being in there and he looks like he's kind of wigging out a bit. After some silence, I look back up at him:

Stone cold dead. What's the deal? As I leave for work I say to my co-worker "Does it concern you at all that apparently something about this building is rapidly killing small creatures?" To which she replied "You mean, it might be slowing killing bigger creatures?" "Yeah... Well, seeya next week!"

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