Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Cuba!

The beach!

This is my favourite picture of the water. At the bottom of the frame, the water is saying "Bloop!"

We went to a mall, of sorts. The shops were kind of weird. For example, a shoe store would have about 20 pairs of shoes on display, and that was all. They would have one shoe from each pair on a little shoe shelf on the wall and the rest of the store would be empty except for chairs to sit in to try them on. Unfortunately no photos, as we were getting stared down a lot.

What the shit?

There was a grocery store there, with hilarious food products!

Fake pringles! They weren't quite as good. In this case, instead of having cheese flavour on the chip, it tasted almost like it was baked into the chip. Different, but not altogether bad. Especially when you took a look at what was being served at the hotel buffet.

Law and Order Mayonnaise!

The more you evaporate your milk, the worst your cartoon cow looks.

Bono is everywhere. So sick of him.

Philip Banks, um, mostaza?

Dead frog.

Mmm... twins.

I was a little in love with this tree. In a non-sexual way.

Flying into Varadero.

Need a soda to go with your photos? Look no farther!

Not sure what this is a monument to. Hopefully pottery.

Okay, on the I hate Blogger note, I still do. But it seems you will have better luck with the text if you wait for all the pictures on the site to load first, and then scroll down a bit and back up to get the text to stay. Hopefully. Jerks.

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